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    Published by Andreas Breunig and Nino Mier Gallery, 2021 Designed by Studio Martin Steiner, Germany Edited by Nino Mier Text by Clemens Rathe, Marlene A. Schenk, and Hannah Eckstein Available...

    Published by Nino Mier Books and Jansson Stegner Text by Ali Subotnick & Arty Nelson Designed by Studio Martin Steiner © 2022 Hardcover, 104 pages 17 x 13.5 in, English...
  • Andrea Joyce Heimer - 24 Hours in Great Falls, Montana

    Nino Mier Gallery is pleased to announce 24 Hours in Great Falls, Montana, an exhibition of new paintings by Andrea Joyce Heimer that will run from March 26 - April 9, 2022...
  • 12 Years of Collecting André - CATALOGUE 2021

    CATALOGUE for André Butzer exhibition - 12 years of collecting André Published by Nino Mier Books & André ButzerDesigned by Martin SteinerPhotography by Dawn Blackman, Paul Salveson and Cary WhittierEdited by Christian MalychaHardcover

    Published by Nino Mier Books and Jake LongstrethDesigned by Martin SteinarText © Carson Mell and Jake LongstrethHardcover 122 pages 13.5 x 13.5 in, English

    OTIS JONES Published by Marc Straus Gallery  Essays by E. Luanne McKinnon and John Yau Hard Cover 9.75" x 8.75"  Published in 2020 by MARC STRAUSPrinted and bound by Meridian Printing,...
  • Louise Bonnet - Vagabond

    Published by Nino Mier Gallery 2021 Designed by Studio Martin Steiner, Germany Edited by Nino Mier Text by Susan Thompson  Softcover, Saddle Bound, 10 pages, English  Dimensions: 17.75" x 12"
  • Mindy Shapero - The Paper Works

    Published by Mindy Shapero and Nino Mier Gallery 2021 Designed by Studio Martin Steiner, Germany Edited by Nino Mier Text by Mindy Shapero  Hardcover, 104 pages, English 
  • Ethan Cook: Arenas

    Ethan Cook: Arenas Exhibition CatalogPublished by Nino Mier Gallery, 2020Texts by Alex Bacon, Megan MulrooneyDesigned by Studio Martin Steiner100 pages11 1/2 x 9 inchesSoftcover / EnglishISBN 978-0-578-78500-4
  • Ethan Cook

    Published by Anat Ebgi, 2018Text and images © Ethan Cook"Ethan Cook's Abstract Frauds" essay © Alex BaconHardcover, 151 pages, 9.25 x 12.25 inches, EnglishFirst edition of 500 copiesISBN 978-0-692-15036-8
  • Polly Borland: The Babies

    Published by powerHouse Books © 2001 Designed by Miles Murray Sorrell (FUEL) Photographs by Polly Borland © 2001 Text by Susan Sontag, "Borland Babies" © 2001 Introduction by Mark Holborn © 2001 Hardcover, 95 plates,...
  • Andrea Joyce Heimer - The Quarantine Drawings | People Waiting
    Sold Out

    Andrea Joyce Heimer - The Quarantine Drawings

    During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic I began making drawings of the figures that usually live in my paintings. Fifty of them are included in this book. I made one drawing...
  • Jan-Ole Schiemann Monograph

    Jan-Ole Schiemann ISBN 978-3-7356-0669-3 24 × 30 cm / 112 Pages /40 colored illustrations Hardcover / Languages: English
  • André Butzer: Works on Paper, 2001-2019
    Sold Out

    André Butzer: Works on Paper, 2001-2019

    Published Nino Mier Gallery in collaboration with Kerber Verlag, 2019 Edited by Nino Mier  Designed by Martin Steiner, Berlin 
  • Jake Longstreth: Tulare: Scenes from California's Central Valley
    Sold Out

    Jake Longstreth: Tulare: Scenes from California's Central Valley

    Published by The Ice Plant and Jake LongstrethPhotographs and text © Jake Longstreth59 color photographsHardcover, 80 pages, 11.5 x 10 in., English
  • Jan-Ole Schiemann: Can You Show Me The Way To Paradise Road?

    Published by Jan-Ole Schiemann © 2017 Courtesy Nino Mier GalleryDesigned by Leonie Hosoda Text by Lena Katharina Reuter Photography by Lee Tyler Thompson Paper Cover, 15 pages, German Edition of 200
  • Jana Schröder: Spontacts and Kinkrustations

    Published by Verlag für moderne Kunst, Kunstverein Reutlingen, Jana Schröder © 2018 Designed by Studio Martin Steiner Text by Christian Malycha, Clemens Rathe, Inci YilmazPaper cover, 187 pages, English and German
  • Anna Fasshauer: siempre sculpture
    Sold Out

    Anna Fasshauer: siempre sculpture

    Published by Nino Mier Gallery © 2017 Graphics by Heinrich Miess, Cologne Text by Joachim Bessing Photography by Lee Tyler Thompson, Los AngelesPrinted by inpuncto:asmuth, Cologne Paper cover, 30 pages, English and German 
  • André Butzer

    Published by Harpune Verlag KGDesigned by Martin SteinerPhotography by Roman März and Holger NiehausEdited by Christian Malycha and Josef ZekoffHardcover, 10 plates, German
  • Celeste Dupuy-Spencer

    Published Nino Mier Gallery, 2018 Designed by Hassla, New York  Interview with Katherine Cooper, published in BOMB magazine #142, Winter 2017-2018 Hardcover, 80 pages, English  Edition of 500 
  • André Butzer

    Published by André Butzer and Nino Mier Gallery Printed by Druckerei Kettler, Germany Photography by Def Image, Berlin   
  • Louise Bonnet

    Published by Louise Bonnet and Nino Mier Gallery 2018 Designed by Hassla, New York  Text by Arty Nelson  Hardcover, 45 pages, English 
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